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    Solar Power


    Solar panel on roof


    Solar Power



    When you think of renewable energy. Solar Power is the first that comes to mind. We receive enough energy from the sun in one day to power the world for 27 years.  Hey if plants can do it, why can’t we? It takes about 8 minutes and 20 secs  or 500 secs for the suns energy to reach the earth.


    One of the first uses of the sun for energy was in 1830 by British astronomer John Herschel. He had a box used to absorb sunlight to collect heat and cook food while on an expedition in Africa.  Then in 1954 Photovoltaic cells were discovered by Bell Telephone that converted sunlight into electricity. These were used in the late 1950’s to power US space satellites.


      A solar cell is a non mechanical device made of silicon alloys.  When you have a bunch of solar cells they make up a solar panel. When you have a lot of panels they make up an array. And all these solar panels are just hanging out in the sun collecting energy. Sunlight is made of photons and when these photons strike the solar cells some of them are adsorbed.  The electrons are freed from the photons and generate direct current like a battery.


    In areas that receive good yearly sunshine. Solar panels can be put on your roof. They can be designed to power some or all your electricity needs.  Well how about a solar car?  Venturi a French car company made a city car that runs completely on solar and wind power.


     It’s a 4 person city car. It goes 32 miles an hour with a distance of 31 miles.  It weighs 722 pounds and is powered by 22 horse power eclectic motor. It gets it charge from a 2 feet by 4 feet area of solar cells on the roof. Its about 8.0 square feet.  It really looks more like a souped up golf car, but it shows you what is possible. 


    Now if your interested in a solar powered speedster that goes faster than 32 miles hour. Check out the University of Michigan’s Solar Racing team.  They are one of the Most Successful Solar Race teams in North America.  They won the North American Solar Challenge 4 times. Their car weights just 800 pounds holds two passengers and goes 75 mph. It is powered by 5,000 solar cells in an area about 5 feet by 7 feet. Its About 35 square feet solar area.


    The greatest thing about solar power, is after the purchase and install the equipment. The energy it produces is free. The energy does not cause any pollution either when you generate it. Solar power can be used in just about any location, but the output will depend on how much sunlight you receive. They also usually have little or no moving parts to wear out. You can even get financial incentives to help pay for systems.


    A major disadvantage of solar is the up front cost. Solar power can be expensive to purchase the equipment and have installed.  Plus you can not use solar power at night or in bad weather. The out put is very depended about how much sunlight you get. 

    So this can be great in California but bad in Chicago.  Solar panels can take up a lot of space and your roof may not be at the correct angle to capture sun.  Currently solar panels are only 30 % efficient and they degrade and break down over time.


     California a state will lots of sunshine it trying to cash in on it.  Southern California Edison is building a massive solar installation. It will cover two square miles of roof tops with solar cells and power 162,000 homes.  It is about 250 mega watts of power. Half as much power as a coal or natural gas power plant would produce.  California’s goal is to get 20% of its energy use from solar by 2010.


    To help this along. Govern Arnold Schwarzenegger  wants to pass a bill that would help to pay for the cost of these setups. A similar plan in Japan, helped drop the cost by 50 % over 10 years. Japan is currently the largest market for solar products.


    The average home uses about 1kilawatt 1000 watts per hour. 730 hours per month You get about 10 watts per square foot, so for every 1000 watts we need about 100 square feet.  If we got sunlight 24 hours a day then all we would need is 100 sq feet. However we don’t so we need 400 to 800 square feet. 


    This would cost about $35, 000 to $50,000 and would pay back in 20 years.  The goal would be to cut this cost in half and payback in ten years. These numbers are based on today’s price for electricity. If the price increases the payback would be sooner.


    A better may to make energy is with magnets. These systems can be over 100% efficient with no pollution. Plus they work even when the sun is not shinning. This technology is real and being suppressed.  Please look around on this website. There are lots of great working examples. If you would like to know even more, please check out my free energy audio course. It compares all this amazing free energy technology with our current forms of polluting and non polluting sources of energy. Download now for FREE



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