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    Saving money with Free Energy quickly adds up


    Saving Money



    It seems like everybody today is looking for ideas on how to save money. Most of them are about clipping coupons or car pooling. Both good ideas, but will really only let you save a little money. If you want to save some big cash, I mean money you could save and put in the bank. You need to look for better ideas.


    The first thing you need to do is look at your monthly expenses. Where is there something you can go with out or find cheaper. The big items like car and home payments are tough to replace. It’s not like you can sell you home and live on the street. You also probably need your car to get to work.


    Well how about your energy expenses? You know like the gasoline to run your car, or the natural gas to heat you home, or what about the all the electricity to power your stuff? For most people the amount of money spent every month on energy quickly added up.


    I know for me between gasoline, natural gas, and my electricity bill. I am easily spending about $400 a month. That is about $4800 a year. I live in a medium size apartment and drive to work. Imagine how much a family of 4 spends on two cars and an average size home. It could be $600 or $700 a month in energy cost. $700 a month ends up being $8400 a year. Wow that is A LOT of MONEY!


    Ok you may be wondering how we can cut out this energy expense. Here let me show you. First off I want you to understand how ALL energy systems are set up. Weather it be a car or an electrical gadget. All systems are set up to consume. It is this consumption that drives capitalism. In fact the total energy market is $440 billion dollars a year.


    The people running all these big energy companies are very content to keep making this $440 billion dollars. They will keep any new way of saving energy out of the market place. Well as it turns out there happens to be many ways to reduce your energy consumption.


    Some of these may sound very far out, but yet they work. They work so well that the big energy companies have gone to great lengths so you do NOT hear about them. The first example I want to tell you about is Stanley Meyer. He invented a way to make a car run on water. It would get 100 miles per gallon with a 40% power increase.


    So if you had a 100 horse power engine, but switching to water you would make 40 horse power more. Plus get a 100 mpg. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it. Stanley’s machine would cost $1500 dollars. Imagine how much money you would save a year running your car on water. Stanley was awarded several patents for his machine.


    He was in the process of securing a loan for $50 million dollars to set up a research and manufacturing facility when he suddenly died. He was eating dinner at a local Grove City Ohio restaurant. All of a sudden he jumped out of his chair and ran out into the parking lot screaming that he had been poisoned. Then he dropped dead.


    The coroner said he died of a brain aneurism. Hmm this sounds pretty fishy to me. Sounds like some one was trying to keep a lid on running cars on water. This is just one example of this. There are many more. Another example is a machine called a MEG. It stands for Magnetic Energy Generator.


    Thomas Bearden invented a machine that will output 7 units of energy for every 1 unit it uses. So it is giving you 6 units for the cost of 1. This is 700% efficient. This machine could power your whole house for free. Thomas has been looking for investors to help manufacture his machine.


    These are just two examples of inventors who have made machines that will out put more energy than needed to run them. If we used machines like this to power our homes and cars we could save all the money we currently waste on energy. How does that sound? I know you might be skeptical about this. But it really is true. This technology is being hidden from the public so the big energy companies can make $440 billion dollars off us.


    For more information please check out my Free Energy Audio Course. It compares this amazing technology to our current forms of polluting and non polluting sources of energy. It is an eye opening experience into where all our energy comes from and at what cost. Free Energy can be made with magnets, but this technology is being suppressed. Check out my audio course to hear the truth. Download now for FREE


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