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    There are many renewable energy sources available. From solar, wind, hydro electric, biomass and geothermal, but when you look at the real numbers. Very little of our power actually comes from renewable energy sources. Just to give you an idea. 49% of the electricity we use comes from coal fired plants, 20% comes from natural gas fired plants, 19% from nuclear power, 7% from hydro electric, and 2% from gasoline fired plants


    Less than 1% comes from Solar, Wind, Biomass or geothermal. It is very sad when you look at the real numbers. Even worst is when you look at the efficiency of how the energy is generated. With the exception of hydro electric which is 90% efficient, most ways to generate electricity are at best 40% efficient.  So there is a lot of waste here as you can see.


    You may be asking yourself ok well what other alternatives do we have? Well that is a great question to ask. Did you know we could also generate energy with magnets? Yes Magnets!! Using this method to generate energy can be over 100% efficient with many from 500% to 1000% efficient. You would think that the local power companies would be jumping  at this opportunity, but they are not.


    Let me explain this little more. I want you to understand something VERY important.
    Currently ALL ways we generate electricity such as coal fired plants, solar, wind, nuclear power, and natural gas fired plants. They are ALL only 40% efficient.  This means that for every 1 unit of power you put in, you only get .4 back out. This is a .6 loss.

    If we used a machine made from magnets…. We could be outputting 500% to 1000% efficient.  This means that for every 1 unit of power we input, we get 5 to 10 out. This technology is real. The only current renewable energy source that gets better than .40 is hydroelectric. This is .90 efficient.


    The main point I want to make here. Is this…. ALL of our current ways we generate energy  are DELIBREATELY set up to be wasteful. Please reread that last sentence. I want you to completely understand this. This is a Fact, and when you look at the rest of the proof that is here on this website. You will see that this is true. The energy companies are making $440 billion dollars a year off us, the hard working Americans who are just trying to survive in this economy.


    The real truth is that we have known how to make energy for Free for the last 100 years. It’s been kept from us. Think about how much you would save a year if all your energy was free? $200 a month, $400, maybe even $600 a month. Well a $400 a month saving adds up to $4800 in a year. Think about what else you could spend that money on.


    Here is some proof that this technology is real. There was a Nobel prize awarded in 1957.  That’s right a Nobel Prize was award in December 1957 to Tsung Dao Lee and Chen Ning Yang. Their strong prediction of broken symmetry of opposite charges, like a common bar magnet was responsible for extracted tons of energy from the environment all around us.

    Proof was confirm by Chein Shiung Wu and starting a revolution in physics in the late 50’s Yet for some reason this is not mentioned in any current electrical engineering or physics book out there. Hmmm I wonder why?


    A great example of a Free energy machine is one built by John Bedini.
    His machine is 800% efficient and was successfully duplicated by 26 other researchers.
    A very simple version worked like this.


    This machine uses an electric motor, a generator, a battery and a switch, it works like this.  The motor is connected to the generator with a belt. The generator is rated at 14 volts and the motor is rated at 12. A volt is a unit of measure of electromotive force. Having a generator rated at more than the motor is important because you want to product more than is required to start the motor.


    The motor, generator and battery are all connected by the switch. When this is run, the current first runs to the motor which remember is connect to the generator by a belt, then when the motor is spinning, the current is turned off and the electricity generated by generator is feed back to the battery.


    This concept is called back popping. It will recharge many batteries and is a simple way to generate free energy This is just one example. There are many more. Please check out  the rest of my webite, the videos and research pages for more proof. 


    If you would like to hear the whole story please download my audio course. In it I compare all this amazing Free energy technology with our current sources of polluting and non polluting sources of energy. It's a real eye opener to what's going on.  Act now and get a special bonus... 60 Free Energy patents! Don't miss out. Download my audio course now for FREE



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