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    Nuclear Power


    Nuclear power plant


    Nuclear Power



    Nuclear power in not a renewable energy source. They produce radioactive waste and gases. Both of these pose major health risks. Currently the US gets about 19 % of its electrical power from it.  However France  gets about 77% of its power from it. Do you know how nuclear power came to be? Well it all started On Dec 2 1942.


    The first self sustaining nuclear chain reaction was completed by Enrico Fremi at the University of Chicago. It last 28 minutes and was called the Chicago Pile 1. On July 16 1945 the first bomb was tested in Alamogordo, New Mexico under the code name Manhattan project.


    September 1945 two bombs created using this technology were dropped on Japan ending World War 2. After seeing the horrible destruction from this, in 1946 the Atomic Energy  Act was passed. It stated that Nuclear energy could only be used for peaceful purposes. 


    In 1951 Dec 20th in Arco Idaho, the Experimental Breeder reactor 1 produces the first electrical power from nuclear energy lighting 4 light bulbs.  Then in 1957 the worlds first large scale nuclear power plant begins operation in Shipping Port Pennsylvania to supply electricity to the Pittsburgh area.


     In 1961 the world’s largest ship was built. It is the USS Enterprise nuclear powered aircraft carrier. It will reach speeds of 30 knots and has a range of 400,000 miles before refueling.  All seams promising for nuclear power until March 28th 1979.


     The worst accident in US history 3 mile island near Harrisburg Pennsylvania. It was caused by a loss of coolant from the reactor cores due to mechanical malfunction and human error. No one was injured and no over exposure to radiation occurred. Thank God.


    Then on April 26 1986, operator error causes an explosion at the Chernobyl  nuclear power plant in the former Soviet Union. The reactor had an inadequate containment building, and large amounts of radiation escaped.


    Chernobyl had 50 tons of radio active material explode into the air. It covered 140,000 square miles. It was 200 times the amount of radioactive material that what was dropped on Japan in both bombs combined.


    So how does a nuclear reactor work? Well at first glance nuclear power looks very simple. The broad concept is that you heat water to make steam, and then the steam propels turbines to make electricity. If you take a closer look at how this heat is produced, thet topic get a bit more complicated.


    With a fossil fuel plant, the fuel is burnt to produce heat. With  a nuclear plant you have two ways to produce heat, Nuclear Fusion and Fission. With Fusion energy is released when atoms are combined or fused together to form a larger atom. This is how the sun works. 


    Nuclear fission splits atoms away to form smaller atoms and release energy. Nuclear power plants use this type to produce heat. The fuel source in Uranium. It is a scarce resource.  The supple is estimated to be only around 30 –60 years depending on actual demand.


    Radio active waste is extremely dangerous and can last up to 10,000 years. There is a huge risk with nuclear power, no matter how safe you build them. The consequence of an accident would be devastating. The more plants that are built, the greater chance of an accident.


    As you can see Nuclear power is not a great option to power our ever increasing power demands. A better option would be to use Free energy created with magnets. This way can get over 100% efficient with NO pollution or radio active waste.


    Free energy with magnets is a real option. The only problem with this, is that very few people have heard about it. This technology is being suppressed by the major energy companies just so that you and me the working class will pay for it. Well I say no more!


    That’s why I created this website to help build awareness for this amazing Free energy technology. Please look around this website and you will see great working examples.


    If you would like to learn more please check out my free energy audio course. I compare all this amazing technology to our current forms of polluting and non polluting sources of energy. It took me 4 years to research and record this audio course. Download now for FREE



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