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    Natural Gas Energy


    Natural gas flame on a stove


    Natural Gas Energy



    Natural Gas energy is the second largest way the Unites States generates electricity. 20% of their electricity comes from it. Also 62% of Americans use natural gas energy in stoves, furnaces, water heaters and cloths dryers. It is also a raw material used in the manufacturing of paint, fertilizer, steel, glass, paper, and clothing.


    In 200BC The Chinese used natural gas energy to make salt from salt water in gas fired furnaces. Then in 1626 French explorers discovered Native Americans burning the gases that were seeping around Lake Eire.


    In 1821 in Fredonia New York, William Hart dug a 27 foot well to bring natural gas to the surface. The Fredonia Gas Company was later formed to sell this to the surrounding area. This was Americans first Natural Gas Energy Company. Then in1859 when Edwin Drake drilled his well looking for oil, Natural Gas energy was also found. A two inch pipe was run from the well 5.5 miles to the town of Titusville, Pennsylvania.


    In 1885 Robert Bunsen invents the Bunsen Burner. The Bunsen Burner combined the perfect amount of air and natural gas. It created a stable flame that was used for heating and cooking. In 1891 electricity began to replace natural gas energy used for lighting. Then in 1937 Natural gas energy distributors started adding Mercaptan to the gas. This is what gives natural gas the rotten egg smell.


    From 1940 thru the 60’s the natural gas pipelines were expanded greatly. This really helped to supply the growing market. From the early 1900’s to 1970’s natural gas energy use had grown by 50 %.


    Natural gas energy is formed similar to oil. Sediment gets built up, starts composing and then get squeezed into coal, oil, or natural gas. Once a natural gas mine is tapped, the natural gas energy is processed to remove other gases such as propane, butane, or carbon dioxide.

    These will be saved and used as other products. Once the natural gas is cleaned and filtered it will be pumped into our homes for use.Natural gas energy is mostly a mixture of methane, ethane, and propane. Methane makes up about 73 to 95% Natural gas is usually found when looking for oil. It was one considered a hassle. It would be burnt off at the well head until oil started flowing.


    The advantages of natural gas energy are these. It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. The blue flame that you see when you burn it is almost perfect and complete combustion. This means there is little smoke, soot or odor when burning. Natural gas energy is also non toxic. It is very convenient with it being piped into your home.


    You don’t have to refuel like a car. We have abundant domestic sources of it. It is a dependable fuel. The pipelines are not disrupted by bad weather. About 87% of the natural gas used is produced here in the United States. Natural gas produces 60-90 % less smoke than gasoline.


    However the disadvantages of Natural Gas energy are these. It’s still a fossil fuel and not a renewable source. It is a gas so it can be hard to capture and it’s less ready to use than gasoline. Plus Natural gas energy fired plants are only 45% efficient.


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