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    Hello, my name is jody. I hope you enjoy my audio book. I have been researching this technology for the last 15 years. This stuff is real, amazing and true.


    As a kid I was always taking things apart then putting them back together. In high school I was into fixing cars and playing with computers. One day I stumbled upon an article written by Bruce DePalma. It was pretty interesting. This is what it said...


    Remember back in physics class? When our teacher said that gravity accelerates ALL objects equally. They said that in a vacuum, so this means with no wind resistance, if you dropped a bowling ball and a feather off a roof.


    They would both land at the same time.Our science teacher even went out on the roof with a tennis ball and a golf ball and dropped them. Sure enough he was right. Well this article went on to say how Bruce had discovered some thing kind of crazy.


    Jody Bruce



    He found that if you take two identical round metal balls. Like


    what you would find in a pin ball machine, suspended them from


    the ceiling and dropped them. Bruce could get something else to


    happen. On one of the balls he would spin it. The ball that he


    spun always hit the floor first. Hmm pretty interesting.



    After reading this article I was really curious about the possibility of perpetual motion and free energy. Over the years I have read some pretty amazing things.


    It is kind of funny what information you can find if you just open you eyes and your mind. Many of these inventers are just trying to get their ideas out. But for some reason they are always squashed. Hmm I wonder why?????


    The spinning ball example is how Bruce DePalma’s N-field machine generates over 500% efficiency. This means that for every 1 unit of energy put into this machine, it outputs 5.


    So this machine is making 4 units of power for the cost of 1. Currently most of the ways we generate electricity such as coal, wind, solar, natural gas, and nuclear power are only 40% efficient.




    This means for every 1 unit of power put into this machine you


    will only get  .40 out. It is a losing battle. These machines


    do nothing but consume. Please, I want you to understand


    something. This technology has been hidden from us for over


    100 years. Do you really think the power companies want you


    to have a $440 billion  dollar a year industry for FREE????



    I will admit, this sounds too good to be true. I know. I though that too at first. But when you look at all the research you will understand how these machines work. They are not that difficult. You just need to look at things a little differently.


    I must warn you thou. Once you understand how these machines work, you will be pretty upset. You are being cheated and lied to. Over the years as I was researching this I would always be telling my buddies.


    I would show them what I found and they were shocked. They would say you need to tell more people and I was like yea I will just go yell it on the street corner. But it got me thinking, maybe they were right.


    Well I started compiling all my notes I had taken. There were a lot. I started organizing them into types of free energy machines. There are several. Just like there are many types of cars.



    I also wanted to put this in perspective for you. So I compared


    this amazing Free Energy technology with our current polluting


    and renewable sources of energy.You know like coal, wind,


    solar, nuclear power, geothermal, hydroelectric and oil.



    This way you can fully understand where our power is coming from and at what cost. I though that the best way to get this message out was to put it on the internet. How else can I reach the millions of people it will take to fix our giant energy problem?


    Are you happy with our rising energy and oil prices? I know I am not. That’s why I created this audiobook! It has taken me 4 years to write and record this. You have to hear it, you will be shocked.


    I promise. There was a time when no one thought something heaver than air would fly. But the Wright brothers proved them wrong. Please look at my video and the link pages.


    There is lots of great research. I will be adding more as I find them. I also created a blog. My goal is for it to be a forum to discuss these ideas and to bring public attention to this technology.




    Please help the cause and download my audio course. Then


    tell as many people as possible about this web site.  It’s the


    only way we will fix our huge energy problem.



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