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    hydrogen Car


    A hydrogen car filling up


    Hydrogen Car



    At first glance the hydrogen car sounds like a great idea. It has zero pollution, runs from a renewable energy source, and helps get us off foreign oil. It’s just when you take a closer look at the hydrogen car you see what a scam this really is. Now I don’t want you to think I don’t like hydrogen cars, oh no. That’s not the case at all. I love hydrogen cars. They have a lot of potential. It’s just that the oil company’s are trying to control the hydrogen car just like the electric car.


    Let me explain. There are several car companies making hydrogen cars and they all work pretty much the same. They mix hydrogen and oxygen to make electricity, and then they run an electric motor from this electricity. Currently hydrogen cars are very expensive, some costing almost $1,000,000 dollars to manufacture.


    Everyone wants you to believe that hydrogen cars are not ready, or too expensive. This is a huge lie! The real truth is that they are trying to make this much more difficult that it really should be. Currently most hydrogen is made from natural gas. Which as you know is NOT a renewable energy source.

    The whole process could be simplified if we just made hydrogen cars run on water. Now you may be asking hmm how can this be. Let me explain. Yes it is true that hydrogen can be made from water. The gas is called HHO. It’s 67 % hydrogen and 33 % oxygen. HHO can be made with electricity or with sound.


    There was a guy in Grove City Ohio his name is Stanley Meyer. He built a machine that would run your car on tap water, sea water, rain water or even melted snow. His dream was to help solve the world’s energy problem.  His device would cost $1500  and  convert your car to run on water. It would get 100 miles to a gallon and give you a 40% power increase.  Now this is a real hydrogen car!


    Well shortly after receiving 50 million dollars from private investors to build a research and manufacturing plant, Stanley Meyer suddenly died. On March 21, 1998 while eating dinner at a local Grove City Ohio restaurant. He jumped up out of his chair and ran to the parking lot screaming that he was poisoned! Later the autopsy report said he had a brain aneurism.

    The best part about using water as fuel, is when you break it down and burn it, it becomes water again. Amazing!!! Here are the two best ways to make a hydrogen car run on from water. One way can be electrolysis, the second way is to use sound like Stanley Meyer did. The electrolysis is definably the easiest, but also the least efficient.


    This process takes electricity and forces the water into hydrogen and oxygen. Pure water does not conduct electricity, it is the minerals in water that actual conduct. So to help this process along, you add an electrolyte. This is usually some type of corrosive material such as salt,  lye , or even citric juice. A better way is to use a base that is not corrosive like baking soda.


     With this type of hydrogen car you can either build your own or buy a kit.  The website Hydrogen Car Garage  will sell you a kit with everything you need for $1000 dollars. This may sound a lot, but think about all the money you will save on gasoline.  These kits only produce about 5 pounds of pressure. This is not enough pressure to run your car completely off it, but it does add 50% better mileage.


     Or if you just want the plans and want to built it from scratch with parts from Home Depot or Lowes. Check our Water 4 Gas They have an e book you can download for $97 that has instructions and a list of all the parts needed. I would plan on spending another $200 for all the parts.

    A more efficient hydrogen car method   is to make a unit similar to Stanely Meyers. This process uses sound to break the water and is much more efficient. If you want a car that gets 100 mpg this is the way to go.  This would be the best way to make a hydrogen car.


     The patents that explain how to build this type of hydrogen car are now public domain. This means they are free for people to experiment with. The patent numbers are patent 4,936,961 and design 5,149,407. Why not build your own hydrogen car and save money!

    If you would like more detail on this process check out  Hydrogen Car Water Cell Info

    If you would like to hear more about this hydrogen car process and other great free energy ideas, please check out my 80 minute free energy audio course. You will be shocked to hear what’s really going on.


    The big energy companies are making $440 million from us and will do anything to keep this technology out of your hands. Hydrogen cars are being squashed just like the electric car. If we all work together maybe we can have a hydrogen car that runs on water. Download my audio course now for FREE



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