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    fuel prices


    Out of control Fuel Prices


    Fuel Prices



    Fuel prices are something that hits home for every American. We are a country that is built on the automobile. It’s how we get to work and pick up the kids from little league practice. Unfortunately in America our mass transit system is under developed. So when fuel prices start rising, it really cuts into our budgets.


    It’s kind of funny thou. At a certain price we will complain and take notice, but when it drops again, we quickly forget. You would think we would have learned a lesson or two after the first oil crisis in 1973. Yet today we find our selves in a similar problem.


    Just to put things into perspective. America has over 125 million cars on the road and we use about  400 million gallons of gasoline per day. Wow that is a lot of fuel!

    So you might be wondering what can be done about this? Well we do have options, but you must be willing to have an open mind and think outside the box. Let me explain.


    First off did you know you can run cars on water? Yes that right water. Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. Both are flammable. The great thing about using water as a fuel is that when you break it down and burn it, when it cools it condenses back into water. Amazing!

    So technically you could run the exhaust back into the fuel tank and make it a closed loop system.


    Plus you can get 100 miles per gallon and a 40% power increase. So this means if you have a 200 horsepower car, just by switching to water you will get an extra 80 horsepower increase. Talk about high performance!! This fuel is called HHO and there are a couple ways to make it from water.  One way can be electrolysis or another way is with sound. The electrolysis is definably the easiest, but also the least efficient.


    This process takes electricity and forces the water into hydrogen and oxygen. Pure water does not conduct electricity, it is the minerals in water that actual conduct. So to help this process along, you add an electrolyte. This is usually some type of corrosive material such as salt, lye , or even citric juice. A non corrosive substance would be to use baking soda. These systems will produce about 5 psi. This is not enough pressure to run your car completely off it, but it does add 50% better mileage.


    A more efficient method   is to make a unit similar to Stanely Meyers. His process uses sound to break the water and is much more efficient. If you want a car that gets 100 mpg this is the way to go. This set up is more intended to run the car on just this gas, instead of the gasoline / water hybrid in the early example.  The patents that explain this process are now public domain. This means they are free for people to experiment with. The patent numbers are patent 4,936,961 and design 5,149,409. 


    Another way to beat high fuel prices are with an electric car. Now I am not talking about your normal electric car that runs on batteries. That’s crazy. Why would you want something you will need recharging every night? What I am talking about is the type of electric car Nikola Tesla had in the 1930’s.


    Have you ever heard about Nikola Tesla?  He is the real inventor of electricity. He discovered Alternative Current in the 1890’s.This is the electricity we all use today, but for some reason there is very little mentioned of him in our history books. Thomas Edison only discovered Direct Current. This is type found in a battery. 


    Tesla’s electric car was a Piece Arrow. He used a normal electric motor that was powered by his Oscillator Shuttle circuit. This circuit would power the electric motor with all the energy it would ever need. His car was reported to run up to 80 miles per hour, ran whisper quiet, and NEVER needs refueling.


    Wow what a great idea. An electric car that never needs recharging. Why don’t we have this now? I mean if Tesla had this in the 1930’s, but now they should be very cheap and sold at WalMart.

    Well the reason for this is that the energy market is a $440 billion dollar a year industry that is held up by lies. We have known how to make energy for free for the last 100 years. There was even a Nobel Prize awarded in 1957. Yet for some reason this is not mentioned in any electrical engineering or physics book.


    Please check out the rest of this website for more proof. Don’t support this lie any longer. We can get rid of high fuel prices for good with the technology that is featured on this website. I have been researching this for the last 15 years. I have compiled all my notes into a free energy audio course. It compares this wonderful technology to our current polluting and non polluting sources of energy. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. Download now for FREE



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