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    free energy power


    Magnetic field lines show free energy power potential.


    Free Energy Power



    Why aren't we using free energy power?



    Fact: Most ways we generate electricity are, at best 40% efficient.


    Solution: Use a proven Magnetic Energy method and get over 100% efficiency, or even up to 1000% efficient!


    Did you know that cars can operate on water with 100 miles per gallon? Or that you can pull Free Electricity right out of thin air with magnets? Itís true. Free Energy Power is real.


    All you need for Free Energy power is a machine that outputs more energy than it consumes. There machines are called overunity. Machines like this have been around for the last 100 years. But for some reason they have never really been utilized.


    Most of these machines use a magnetic field to extract energy from the active environment around it. A huge misconception is the fact that empty space is empty. This is not true. Empty space is really full of pure energy. This energy can be tapped into from any place in the universe with a simple bar magnet.


    Let me explain. Imagine you have two rooms connected with a door. In one room it is 90 degrees, and the other is 50 degrees. When the door is opened, the temperature with drop as the two rooms reach a balanced temperature This is the same concept with the magnet.  It is extracting energy from the forth dimension Time and we can measure it in the third. Remember there are four dimensions, length, width, height, and time / space.


    This is not some crazy concept. A noble prize was awarded in December 1957 to Tsung – Dao Lee and Chen Ning Yang for this fact. 50 years ago we knew we could get free energy power from this. But for some reason we still use fossil fuels. If we really want to use free energy power, we need to change our way at looking electricity. Take your normal tv remote control. Most people will tell you the battery is powering the remote. This is not true. What is actually happening is this.


    The chemical energy in the battery is making a small dipole magnet. This magnet is pulling energy in from the active environment around it and powering the circuit. Here is the problem… All electrical circuits are deliberately set up to be in balance with the active environment. The current way drains the battery, because it consumes the charge. If you set the circuit up to be OUT of balance with the active environment, it will have a siphoning effect and pull  energy from the 4th dimension.


    This is how you get energy for free. You only use a little energy to get the dipole magnet then you extract all the energy you need plus some to return back to the source. The dipole magnet can be anything from a battery, generator, magnet, or motor. Most free energy machines you will ever hear about are doing something similar. Its just they are doing in a different way. Just look at how many different cars we have. Yet if you look at the big picture, they all do pretty much  the same thing.


    The only problem with free energy power is this. We will not see any commercial machines in near future. The people in control will never let that happen. It’s a $440 billion dollar a year industry. They will never let that go. SO what can we do? Well you can build your own. Free energy power is real and there is lots of research. You just need to do your homework and find out what type works best for your application.


    How much power do you need to output?

    Is this for your home, car, or business?

    What type of climate will it run it?


    You may be thinking… There is no way I could ever build one of these machines.
    I completely understand. We are not all good at the same things. I personally am horrible at sports. Just having this info and the plans that are on this website are valuable.


    You can always outsource the building. You might even get someone interested in building one for you at very little cost if they could build another one for themselves. This could be used as a bargaining tool.

    In the long run hopefully if businesses see consumers building their own, maybe they will have the guts to step forward and produce commercial machines. Until then, do your research, and save all the best info for you and your friends.


    If you would really like to jump start your free energy power research, check out my free energy audio course. I discuss this amazing technology in great detail in it. I also compare our current renewable and polluting sources of energy.  There is also a Free Bonus of 60 Free Energy Patents. Don't miss out. Download now for FREE



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