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    Here are some great free energy plans.


    free energy plans



    Thomas Bearden


    Thomas Bearden is a great scientist. He invented a free energy machine called the MEG. This is one of the best free energy machines I have seen. It has no moving parts, and outputs lots of power. Bearden has been working in this industry for many years now. He has also written a few books. I have three of them. They are a great read with lots of information in them. I highly recommend reading his books. Check out his website below for more info.



    Thomas Bearden website


    Patent  #6,362,718 Download here


    Building Links


    MEG How to


    MEG V1


    MEG V2.1


    MEG V4


    Here are a couple of machines similar to the MEG,


    Patent  # WO 2009 / 065219 Download here


    Patent  #US2009 / 0096219 Download here






    John Bedini


    John Bedini is another great free energy scientist. He invented a machine called the SSG. These are pretty easy to build and work great. You can buy kits or piece it together from parts. A 10 year old school girl built one for her science fair. Shawnee Baughman from Idaho won first prize and amazed the judges. There are a lot of people on the internet building this type. Once you get a working model. You can experiment and scale it up to power your house.


    John Bedini website


    Patent  #6,545,444 Download here


    Patent  #6,392,370 Download here


    Here is another interesting free energy patent. It’s from an engineer at Hitachi. This technique must be used with high efficiency motors to be overunity.


    Patent  #5,436,518 Download here


    Building Links


    Bedini Kits


    Build Bedini Yahoo group


    SG Materials


    SG Schematics


    SG Building Instructions


    SG Operating Instructions













    Stanley Meyer


    Stanley Meyer invented a machine to run cars on water. His machine splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. This system will increase a motors output by 40% and get 100 miles per gallon. These machines are cheap and easy to build. You could also heat your home with one of these if you converted your furnace to run on hydrogen.


    Stanley Meyer website


    Patent  #4,936,961 Download here


    Patent  #5,149,407 Download here


    Building Links


    Build a Water Cell


    Here is another patent similar to Stanley Meyers. There is a lot of great info in this one as well.


    Patent  #4,394,230 Download here


    Here is another crazy patent. This one is for a 300 mpg carburator.


    Patent  #2,006,676 Download here










    If you would like to know more about free energy and how all this amazing technology works you should check out my Free Energy Audio Course. I explain all of this in great detail. Plus I compare it to all our current ways we generate energy such as wind, solar, oil, nuclear power and more. Act now and I will include a special bonus. 60 free energy patents. See how others have built their machines. Understand the many different types of free energy machines and how they work. Then build your own. Click below to learn more. Download now for FREE




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