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    The Truth about Renewable Energy


    Renewable Energy Audio Course


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    Here is the best energy book about Renewable Energy you will ever find! My audio course exposes the TRUTH. You will be shocked to hear how we can make energy for free. Yes that’s right FREE. It’s a $440 Billion dollar a year scam that we the consumers are paying for. My energy book explains it all.


    Getting energy for free is very simple. All you need is a machine that outputs more energy than it consumes. Engines made with magnets can be 500% efficient with zero pollution. By comparison, a normal internal combustion car engine is only 60%. This means that for every 1 unit of energy you put in, it outputs only .6 worth of work.  You are constantly losing .4 and need to add more fuel. This is why we constantly need to add more gasoline to our cars or they will not run.

    Now if you take an engine made with magnets.  It still needs  1 unit to run but this engine outputs 5 units of power instead of only .6 You are getting 4 units of energy for free. Do you understand this concept? If not please go and reread that last part. These types of motors are called over unity because they output more energy than needed to run them. Engines like this have been around for the last 100 years. They have been deliberately hidden from the public. Just to make $440 billion dollars a year at our expense. My energy book explains it all.


    There is another type of engine that will also run on water. It gets 100 miles per gallon and a 40% power increase. They also clean the air when running. It’s very unfortunate that news like this is kept from the public. That's why I wrote this energy book, to help get this valuable knowledge out to the people.


     In a time when energy costs keep going up and we keep poisoning of our planet with fossil fuels. I would hope people would be a bit more open minded to try new things. We are lead to believe that we have no options, or that they are just too expensive. That is not true. Please let me explain.


    Hello my name is Jody. I have been researching energy for free since I was a kid. These types of machines are real and being hidden from you. Please I want you to understand this. It is very important. You are being lied to.  My energy book explains all about this.


    Aren’t you fed up with $3 dollars a gallon for gasoline? Or heating bills that give you a heart attack? I know I am! That why I wrote this energy book.  You may be wondering what a little guy like me could do to help fix this problem. I mean you right I am just one person but I have a plan. I am trying to help spread the message of free energy with my energy book.


    I just spent the last 4 years of my life compiling all my notes and research papers into a  book. This energy book is very special. I really poured my heart into it.  This knowledge is so important for people to hear, that I felt  I should make it as easy as possible for them to experience it.


    Now I know people are busy and very few people have time to read any more. So I took my amazing energy book to the next level and recorded it into an 80 minutes audio book. I am hoping that as an audio book more people will get a chance hear it. You could listen to it on your way to work, at the gym exercising, or even just relaxing in your favorite chair. You will be shocked by my energy book.


    I have invested over a 1,000 hours researching, writing and recording this audio course. I go into great detail how these types of machines work and compare them to our current sources of energy. Such as Wind, Coal, Solar Power, Natural Gas, Nuclear Power, Hydro Electric, Geo Thermal and Gasoline. This energy book audio course covers all the sources of energy we use today.


    I want you to fully understand where our energy comes from, how  much we use and what it costs. I hope that my energy book will help to educate people to see what’s really going on.

    I will admit. It has been a very long and tough road. I have noticed people will always complain about the rising gasoline and energy costs, but they are not willing to do anything about it.


    I find that very sad. If you want change you can’t sit back and just complain. You need to take action. That is why I wrote this energy book. I am doing my part to help get the word out. If you are fed up with rising energy costs and want to do something about it. Download my 80 minute energy book audio course. It’s FREE. Plus this special bonus! 60 Free Energy Patents See how others have built their free energy machines.


    I know you might be skeptical. I completely understand. Free energy is a very crazy topic. It’s very similar to people flying or walking on the moon. Yet we have done both. I knew this was going to be tough. I hate being ripped off myself. I truly believe in seeing the proof before I will believe.  That’s why I created this website. I have worked very hard to find creditable proof that this technology is real. My energy book audio course shows in great detail how these machines work.


    If you are not convinced please look at all my evidence here on this website. The video pages have lots of videos from inventers just trying to get their work seen. Please I want you to understand something. This technology is real and being hidden from you. The energy market is a $440 billion dollar a year scam that we are paying for. My energy book audio course explains it all. Download now for FREE



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