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    Electric Energy



    Electric Energy. What is it? Well electricity is all  around us. It occurs naturally as lighting and static electricity. Its just producing it can be tricky. It is currently a secondary source. This means that another fuel is consumed to produce it.  


    According to the Department of Energy, As of 2008
    49% of the electricity we use comes from coal fired plants.
    20% of it comes from Natural gas fired plants
    19%  comes from Nuclear power  
    7%  comes Hydro electric  and
    2% comes from gasoline fired plants.
    Less than 1% comes from Solar , Wind, Biomass or Geothermal.


    With the exception of hydro electric which is 90% efficient,  most ways to generate it are at best 40% efficient.  If we generated it with magnets, We would be generating electricity directly as a primary source. We are using magnetism to pull electricity right out of thin air and can achieve efficiencies greater than 100%.
    With many types being over 500 to 1000 % efficient.


     Well let discuss the history of electricity. Where did it come from?

    As the story goes in 900 BC a Greek shepherd  named Magnus was walking across a field with some strange magnetic rocks. These rocks ended up pulling the iron spikes out of his sandals.

    Today this area is known as the Magnesia region in Greece. Then in 600BC Thales of Milton in Modern day Turkey rubs cat fur and a piece of amber together. It attracts a bird feather to stick to it.

    Then in 1269 Petrus Peregrinus of Picardy , Italy discovers that natural magnets called loadstones will align a needle along the longitude lines of the earth. In 1600 an English Scientist and Court Physical to Queen Elizabeth William Gilbert discovers that the earth is a giant magnet, just like the little loadstones.


    He also coined the term electricity from the Greek work for amber. He wrote a book called De Magnete  which was very influential thru out Europe.  He is considered the father of electricity.

     In 1752 Benjamin Franklin proved that lighting and a spark from amber were the same.
    He was flying a kite with an iron nail on one end and an iron key at the other end. They were tied together with some string. When lighting flashed, a tiny bit struck the nail and ran down the string to the key.


    Please don’t try this at home. Ben was very lucky he was not electrocuted. In 1793 Aless Andro Volta makes the first battery.  Then 1819 Hans Christian Orsted discovers a magnetic field surrounds a wire when  current is flowing thru it.


    Michael Faraday wondered if electricity could make magnetism, why cant magnetism produce electricity. Well in 1831 he found his answer. A moving magnet will produce electricity in a wire.

    In 1873 James Clark Maxwell publishes his model of the electro magnetic field. These equations are the basis for modern day electrical engineering.


    1879 Thomas Edison invents the light bulb. To supple electricity to those first bulbs Thomas Edison set up the Pearl street station in Lower Manhattan. On Sept 2 1882 it
    started with one coal fired DC generator to power 400 light bulbs. This system grow quickly, to 6 generators to power  7,200 lights.


    Then in 1888 Nikola Tesla invents the first AC motor and poly phase transmission system. This system would transmit power much farther than DC current and at higher voltages than 110v.   In 1893 Westinghouse and Tesla were chosen to transmit power from Niagara falls to the city of Buffalo NY.


     The same year, they also demonstrated  Tesla’s  Alternating current electrically system at the Chicago worlds fair. All the lighting for the whole fair was powered by this system. Shortly after  our modern day 60 cycle AC system was introduced.


    This is the system we use today. In the end it was Tesla’s better Alternating current system that won out over Thomas Edison ‘s  Direct current system. Yet for some reason there is very little in our history books about Nikola Tesla.


    In 1920’s The Connecticut Valley Power exchange started to connect all the local utilities together. This helped to create our modern day energy grid that we have.  We use this  to distribute power through out the country.  Electricity has been generates since 1881. The first power plants ran off flowing water or burning coal.


    Currently  most of our electrical generation is done thru heat engines. These are engines that burn something to produce heat. This heat boils water to produce steam, and then this steam flows thru a turbine to spin a generator that produces electricity. Its too bad we dont use magnets.

    We could make energy greater than 100% effeciency with no plution.


    A Nobel Prize was award in December 1957 to Tsung Dao Lee and Chen Ning Yang. Their strong prediction of broken symmetry of opposite charges, like a common bar magnet was responsible for extracted tons of energy from the environment all around us.

    Proof was confirm by Chein Shiung Wu and starting a revolution in physics in the late 50’s Yet for some reason this is not mentioned in any current electrical engineering or physics book out there. Hmmm I wonder why?


    There are two types of electricity both with a positive or negative charge. They are Alternating current, and Direct Current. Some examples of Ac current are the wall sockets you have in your home. Where as the Dc current is like a battery such as a  cell phone or regular double AA battery.


    The difference between Alternating current and Direct current is this. AC current flows back and forth with the voltage  going from positive and negative 60 times a second. This is why its called Alternating current .

    It is alternating between two points 60 times a second. Where Direct current, is only flowing in one direction.  A.  It  takes  about 750 watts of either  type to equal one horse power.


    The advantages of electricity are these. It is a clean, cheap, safe and convenient source of energy. So much of our stuff runs on it too. From cell phones, to our homes, to computers, toasters, radios, you name. Electricity can also be used to start a human heart.


    However the drawbacks are this. It can shock or kill you if  you are not careful. Currently most of it is produced by burning something or nuclear power. It is also expensive to use as heat.


    I think the best thing for electricity would be a shift from large scale electricity generation, to more  personal powered systems.  You could  have a small machine that run your whole house for free. Then you could have smaller little devices that we can run your cell phones, computers and other toys. Once you purchase these devices they would produce all the power you would need for free. What a great idea!


    For more information please check out my Free Energy audio course. It compares this amazing technology to our current forms of polluting and non polluting sources of energy. It is an eye opening experience into where all our energy comes from and at what cost. Free Energy can be made with magnets, but this technology is being suppressed. Check out my audio course to hear the truth. Download now for FREE



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