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    A 17 cent U.S. postage stamp issued in 1984 showing a 1917 electric car


    Electric Car



    The electric car is not a new thing. Electric cars have been around for the last 100 years.
    In the early 1900’s there were electric cars in New York City. They were used to delivery goods around the city. The electric car is a great idea.

    However it seems that they never really took off. Why is that? Most people drive less than 50 miles a day so charging it at night would not be problem. In the 1990’s California created a law that said a certain amount of cars sold there had to be electric. But the car companies fought very hard to get the law reversed. California was hoping the electric car would fix their horrible smog problem.


    So how does an electric car work? Well it is similar to a gasoline powered car, but better. It is very quiet and creates no pollution. It has an electric motor and a very large laptop battery. When most people think of an electric car, they thing of a golf cart. However this is not true. An electric car can look just like a normal car.


    Your electric car can also be charged from home. You would never need to go to a gas station again. Plus they need very limited maintenance. Most of the time you just rotate the tires and put new windshield washer fluid in. That’s it!


    I just saw a great movie about electric cars. Its called “ Who killed the electric car”. It’s a documentary about the electric car and how hard the oil companies are working to kill it. If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it. The oil companies make $440 billion dollars a year of us and they will do anything that is needed to keep this money flowing.


    There are several car companies building electric cars. There is a very cool Tesla roadster and more economical Nissan Leaf.  There are other options that are a gas electric car hybrid such as the Chevy Volt or Honda Insight.


    I think the biggest problem that hurts the electric car is its limited range between charging. Most electric cars only go 30 – 100 miles per charge. There is a very simple solution to this problem that no one will address.


    All you need to do is replace the battery with a device that creates its own energy such as a free energy machine. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s completely possible. Nikola Tesla has an electric car like this in the 1930’s. It was a Pierce Arrow that he put a DC electric motor and his shuttle circuit.


    The shuttle circuit powered the motor just like a battery. The shuttle circuit was pulling energy for free out of the atmosphere. Tesla’s electric car would run 80 miles per hour, ran whisper quiet, and NEVER needed to be refueled or charged.


    Have you ever heard about Nikola Tesla? He invented Alternating current. You know the type of electricity that you plug your TV into. Thomas Edison only invented Direct current. The type found in batteries.


    It is very sad. Very little is written about Nikola Tesla in our school books. He is the real inventor of electricity and radio waves. If he could run an electric car with free energy in the 1930’s why can’t we do it today? I will tell you why…..The Oil companies. They stop all inventions that will compete with their precious oil.


    It’s a $440 billion dollar a year scam that we the consumers are paying for. Tesla’s shuttle circuit used magnetic energy to pull energy out of the atmosphere. I am so fed up with the big energy companies ruining our lives, I wrote an 80 minute about these types of machines.


    Yes it’s true. Magnets can be used to make energy for free. This technology outputs more energy than what is needed to run to the machine. This extra energy can be used for free. My free energy audio course explains all about it and more. There are also 60 Free Energy Patents.


    I compare magnetic energy with our current forms of polluting and non polluting sources of energy. It is an eye opening experience into where all our energy comes from and at what cost. Yes Free Energy can be made with magnets, but this technology is being suppressed.


     Check out my free energy audio course to hear the truth. Now imagine an electric car that never needs recharging. That would be a pretty sweet ride. Download my audio course today. I promise you will not be disappointed. Download now for FREE



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