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    How do you get somenes attention to tell them something very important?


    Energy Book Commercial



    Hello, here is my 1st commercial I made to promote my energy book audio course. I have been posting it on other websites to help promote this one. I just wanted to get your attention and state the facts so you can see what's really going on.


    Believe it or not Free Energy has been a tuff sell. I have been researching this technology since I was a kid, over 15 years now. Every time I tell someone about this, they are just amazed.


    This video was made to be infomercial style with a little razzle dazzle.I really love the intro music I used for this. Itís a sample from my Korg Electribe MX beat box. Itís pretty sweet. I use it a lot for audio samples when I create videos.


    It took me 9 takes to get the fire trick right. Money does not burn that easy. I kept dipping it in rubbing alcohol. I was hoping for a large vroosh, but rubbing alcohol does not burn that fast.


    I guess I have a lot to learn about Holly Wood movie magic. Hehehe I also had a large bowl of water to put the bill into.


    You have to be extra careful when doing stunts like this. Making movies is a hobby of mine. Itís a lot of fun and not as difficult as you would think. However, as with many things there is definitely an ART to it.


    I have a couple of other commercials I am working on for this website. The only clues I will give are this. There wonít be any razzle dazzle like this one, but more over the top craziness. So you will just have to stop back and see : )


    So what do you think of this commercial. My friends have criticized it for being too late night TV.Tell me what you think.

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