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    Aurora Magnetic Field


    Alternative Energy Research



    Here is a list of interesting websites I found while


    researching this audio book. Please check back,


    I will be updating as I find more.




    DIY Solar Panels For Your Home


    Build your own solar panels. Here is a great source for DIY solar panel building.

    DIY Solar Panels For Your Home | How to Build Solar Panels



    Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices


    Here is a really wonderful site. Patrick J. Kelly has set up a site with lots of great info. There are 16 chapters to download for free. Don't miss this!

    Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices



    Hemp Ethanol


    Wow this is very cool. This website is about producing cellulosic ethanol from hemp. What a great idea!

    Hemp Ethanol



    Thomas Bearden


    Created a machine called the MEG Magnetic Energy Generator. It will make 2500 watts for free. The average American home uses between 1000 – 15000 watts per hour. So this would be plenty to power a home.

    Thomas Bearden's Website



    Gabriel Kron


    He was a scientist in the 1930’s that worked an General Electric. He invented a Negative Resistor. It worked like a battery. Gabriel Kron's Website



    Floyd Sweet


    He also worked at GE. He created a machine that would output 500 watts from only a 33 millawatt input. That’s 15,667 times efficient. Website about Floyd Sweet

    Paper on how his machine worked. How to build one.



    Bruce Depalma


    He invented a machine called the N Field Generator. It was 500 % efficient.

    Bruce Depalma's Website



    John Bedini


    He invented a machine that is 800% efficiency and was successfully duplicated by 26 other researchers.

    John Bedini's Website



    Bedini Parts


    Why not build one yourself? Bedini Parts Website



    Bedini Builder Group


    Here is a news group on how to build one.

    How to build Website



    John Hutchinson


    He invented a Crystal Energy Generator. It makes about 100 watts for free. It would be great for a cell phone or laptop. John Hutchison's Website



    Panacea University


    These guys have some great info on projects you can build.

    Panacea Univeersity's Website




    Here is a Free Energy Open Source Research Forum.

    Free Energy Alternative ZeroPoint Green Tesla Power Research Forum



    Hydrogen Garage


    Here is an easy way to burn water in your car. This is not the most efficient, but it shows you what is possible. This method uses hydrolysis. A kit costs about $1000. It only produces 5psi so you can't run your car completely off it, but it will get about 50% better gas mileage.

    Hydrogen Garage Website



    Water 4 Gas


    If you just want the plans and want to build from parts at home depot. They have an e book you can download for $97.

    Water 4 Gas Website



    Stanley Meyer


    He built a machine that would run your car on water. It would get 100 mpg with a 40 percent power increase. It would have cost $1500. Stanley Meyer's Website



    Dave Lawton Update


    This guy replicated  the Stanley Meyer  water fuel cell.

    Dave Lawton's Website


    This website is no longer up. It goes to a page, but its not the same as before. I 'm investigating. Stay tuned..... It is a damn shame when a man can not sell parts online to help the world. I left this link up so you can look too.

    Maybe the Oil companys don't want Dave in business??



    Water Fuel Cell


    Here is a lot of info on how to build one yourself.

    Water Fuel Cell Website



    National Renewable Energy Laboratory


    This is the Unites States main laboratory for

    Renewable Energy research.

    National Renewable Energy Laboratory Website



    Alternative Energy Foundation


    Great website will lots of links.

    Alternative Energy Foundation Website



    Alternative Energy News


    Another wonderful website will lots of links.

    Alternative Energy News



    Renewable Energy Resources


    Find renewable energy companies and information.

    Renewable Energy Resources



    Sierra Club


    Started in 1892 by John Muir to protect the enviorment.

    Sierra Club Website



    Green Peace


    Started in 1971 to stop nuclear testing.

    Green Peace Website



    Energy Technology - Aandelen beleggen


    uitgifte Energie

  " invest in Fusion Energy Technology

    with breakthrough potential.

    Energy Technology - Aandelen beleggen uitgifte Energie





    Here is a very cool UK recycling website.




    Internet Book Shop


    Here is an interesting online book store. They have lots of great ebooks

    Books are their Business




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